Property Management

At ITEX, we know that the key to success in multifamily residential real estate investment is a proven management strategy. As an established provider of property management services throughout Texas, Louisiana, Colorado and Arkansas, we have the skills, experience and capacity needed to deliver highly efficient management solutions. Our team specializes in the recruitment and retention of top-tier talent in order to ensure optimal performance, and we are committed to maintaining industry-leading standards of maintenance, compliance, and community management.

Professional Management Solutions

We understand that each community requires a customized management strategy designed to effectively address the complex needs of the tenants while protecting the interests of our property owners.

Our approach to management includes balancing the interests of all stakeholders while maintaining exceptional customer service and full compliance with all relevant regulations, codes and laws.

Focused on recruiting
Motivated team
Training and retaining
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Always Improving

Exceptional performance begins with exceptional people — that’s why we are focused on recruiting, training and retaining industry-leading property management professionals who share our vision of excellence. Our goal is to find individuals who have the right combination of customer service skills, technical knowledge and an unwavering commitment to our tenants, communities and owners.

We seek out highly motivated team members who are committed to a career in property management, and we conduct extensive background checks, aptitude testing and screening on every one of our prospects.

We believe in providing extensive training and ongoing support to ensure each property’s success, and we perform ongoing quality checks and evaluations to monitor the performance of every one of our team members. We provide an attractive compensation package that is designed to reduce staff turnover and deliver stability to the communities we manage.


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