Our Culture

What makes us different

At ITEX our Core Values and Mission are more than just words, they’re our path to success and define our culture as a company. To remain competitive in the market , companies with a strong culture and a dedicated purpose perform better in the long run. As our company continues to grow, we strive to ensure that our culture remains alive and well. Browse through our core values and see if they speak to you

Our Values

Mission: To create uplifting experiences for those we serve.

Purpose: Create positive social impacts and uplift humanity by investing in, developing, and operating transformational experiences.

Live our Purpose

As a company, we’ve set out on a unique and monumental purpose, one in which our entire team has bought into. We live our purpose, and we take personal responsibility for the outcome of each and every project we work on.

Always Do The Right Thing with Integrity

Integrity is something that is critically important for us. We are a team built around morality, integrity, and ethical standards that embrace the very core foundations of our Founder, Ike Akbari.

Passionate about making a Positive Impact

In nearly everything that we do, we encourage our team members to bring a level of passion to the table that leaves a positive impact on our clients, co-workers, tenants, and management teams. Everyone in this world deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and courtesy.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

When it comes to our customers, we strive to provide a complete, comprehensive, and collaborative experience that makes them confident in their decision to work with ITEX Group and our affiliates. We strive to understand their needs on a personal level and provide customized and tailored support throughout the lifespan of every project.

Our people

At ITEX, our focus on the excellence and integrity of our employees ensures that your team will always showcase your talents in ways that propel you to set higher goals, leading to productive exchanges that promote creative and innovative solutions.

We provide training in industry-leading technology to pave the road for growth in personal and professional development. It is with this understanding that our mission is to offer our employees a career, a job that they can look forward to every single day, one in which they can become a part of a family that promotes well being, diversity, and professional development.

itex loves to work hard and play hard
Our Awards

We're building a culture together

The Retreat West Beaumont Apartment Complex, Beaumont, TX.

Our Growth

Since 1981, ITEX has been building a portfolio that now encompasses more than 7,300 units representing more than $800 million in development projects. With along-time dedication to multifamily real estate investment and development, focused on lifestyle and luxury properties, we also have deep experience in historic, family, student living, senior living, and general affordable development. We currently manage more than 7,300 apartment units as well as commercial and residential space, with a goal of creating profit for our investors and maximizing stakeholder value, all with an eye toward social responsibility.

Employees reviews

"ITEX provided me with the training and structure to help
me succeed in my position."
Cassie Jones
Accounting Manager
"I have enjoyed growing with ITEX as a person and a professional"
Brandi Swearingen
Regional Manager
"Our leadership is always open to new ideas and truly care about each individual employee."
Keshia Daigle
Regional Manager
"I have been with ITEX for three years and I love what I do and have enjoyed every challenge. Over the years I've come to consider ITEX family.
Darlene Goudeaux
Human Resources

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