Construction Services

Navigating each phase of your construction journey, ITEX offers an enriched suite of services, including Construction Management, General Contracting, Architectural Design, Solar Design & Installation, and Construction Compliance Monitoring & Consulting. We commit to delivering professional, innovative, and sustainable solutions, ensuring every project not only adheres to our stringent quality and durability standards but also embeds the ITEX seal of unparalleled excellence

Architecture Design

Building Your Vision into Reality

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Solar Design and Installation

Embark on a journey toward sustainability with ITEX, your ally in expert solar design and installation. Our team delivers tailor-made, energy-efficient solar solutions, melding innovative design with strategic implementation to assure optimal energy production and a solid contribution to sustainable development. With ITEX, explore superior, economical energy solutions for a luminous, eco-friendly future.

Project Management

Multiple roles contribute to the development and success of a project. These such rolls can include scheduling, architectural and engineering selection, plans and specification development, accounting manager, and performance management, to name a few. ITEX provides clients with the option to either outsource these project services or allow ITEX to fulfill all aspects


ITEX is dedicated to reaching the deadlines set forth for every project. In order to ensure this success, ITEX provides a single source for both the design and construction services in order to meet clients’ goals. By decreasing the number of outside entities involved, ITEX can minimize the possibility of confusion and miscommunications.

Civil Construction

ITEX provides clients with turnkey civil construction including highway/road construction, earthwork, and underground utilities. ITEX is capable of working as a General Contractor or Sub Contractor, and with in-house staff and equipment.

Construction Compliance Monitoring & Consulting