Tenant resources

Dear Residents

With your safety and the safety of our team members in mind, we are implementing the following new protocols across our communities.

• Pausing Non-Emergency Maintenance Requests
We are pausing all non-emergency services that would take place inside your apartment home. We’ve also added a new video resources page for some of the most common maintenance issues that residents can troubleshoot (link below). We are still available to assist by phone or by email if you have questions.

• Emergency Maintenance Requests
We will continue emergency maintenance, examples of emergency requests include A/C or refrigerator not working, major leak, or plumbing issue in a one-bathroom apartment. The complete list can be provided by your community manager.  If you are sick, or have been in close contact with someone who is, we ask that you please notify us so we can plan on how to be safe entering your apartment.

• Limiting Offices to Appointment Only
To further protect you and our team, we will be limiting customers inside the office. We are following the guidelines provided by the CDC and ask for you to contact the offices by phone or email first before visiting the office.

• Closing Amenity Spaces
To help decrease interaction of our residents and to follow CDC guidelines, we will be closing all indoor amenity spaces. 

Thank you again for your patience and for understanding the new protocols we deem necessary to follow CDC guidelines and keep COVID-19 from spreading at our communities.

Recertification Questionnaire

Interim Form

To help minimize to direct contact with the office staff we will be offering an online Interim Recertification Questionnaire for tenants that need to report a change in income or household composition. The completed forms will go directly to your office staff and if you need any assistance they are still available to walk you through the questions.