ITEX Green Energy Completes Solar Initiative at Sunlight Manor

solar installation of sunlight manor

Houston TX – ITEX Green Energy, a leader in green construction and energy solutions for affordable housing, proudly announces the successful completion of a solar project at Sunlight Manor. This project is a significant step in reducing energy costs and promoting environmental sustainability for the residents.

With the installation of several high-efficiency solar panels, Sunlight Manor now harnesses a significant amount of solar energy. Each panel contributes 360 watts of power, a substantial figure that reflects the community’s commitment to green energy and sustainable living. This strategic enhancement not only reduces dependence on traditional energy sources, but also translates into direct cost savings for residents

Chris Akbari, CEO of ITEX, expresses his enthusiasm: “This project at Sunlight Manor is a leap forward in our commitment to sustainable living. The low maintenance and high efficiency of these solar panels mean reliable energy savings for years to come.”

ITEX Green Energy is reshaping the energy paradigm in affordable housing, moving communities towards a future where sustainability is ingrained in every home. By seamlessly integrating renewable energy solutions, the company is not just lowering utility costs but also nurturing healthier living environments. Their commitment ensures that sustainable practices become a standard in community development, solidifying ITEX’s role at the forefront of green energy solutions.

For more information on working with ITEX Green Energy, please contact: VP of Green Energy, Brian Allen, at brian.allen@itexgrp.com.

About ITEX Green Energy

Specializing in green construction and energy transitions, ITEX Green Energy is at the forefront of integrating renewable energy into affordable housing. Through innovative solutions, ITEX is making sustainable living a reality for communities nationwide.

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